Check out the Story Walk along Transcona Trail

read a story with your kids as you take a walk

By Carmen Kaethler, Macaroni Kid Winnipeg March 10, 2021

There is always something fun to do in Winnipeg and if you haven't headed out to the Transcona Trail recently with your kids there is a fun addition now. At the corner of Hoka and McMeans, you can start your walk along the trail to read a local author’s book “Fox in the Box” as part of the Transcona Trail Story Walk. My understanding is they will be switching out the story every six months.

This was a very easy walk to do with the kids and the story was one that my seven-year-old had no problem reading to us. She is also a huge fan of foxes so this was the perfect story for her.

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We parked beside the Transcona Trail Park, which is the one that has the fitness equipment in it and walked the trail to the end of the story and back. The trail is a nice long one which is great for strollers or have your kids ride their bikes but if you want to just walk til the story ends its approximately a city block length of the trail.